2021 Blog Update!

Hello Everyone 👋,

This is Cin ofcourse. Blogging is something I've thought about a ton and as you can see here, something I tried in 2018. It can be hard, the idea of keeping a consistent and updated journal like this. I tend to put alot of pressure on my self, over think and come to the conclusion that if something isn't perfect I shouldn't do it at all. I will say I've come to realize its less about what others think, but the disappointment I tend to feel about myself when I do not accomplish my goals to its greatest potential.

With that being said I'm trying to be less hard on my self. Been thinking of ways I will update and keep better track of this, my website. I know it won't be an everyday thing, probably not even everyweek knowing myself. But I figured some written updates about myself, my work and creations might just help with it.

So here is my RESTART! When I restart things I kind of feel like the bobs burger intro with the ....

Just saying lol 😆.

This is May of 2021, as usual I'm just been crafting, shooting (photography), content creating, etc. Figured I'd share my current projects, ideas and overall random thoughts here!

I'll begin with a craft I started recently. Over the last couple of years I've fallen in love with the #realisticears going around and being created in the cosplay and other communities. For awhile I couldn't get any because they are expensive (understandably). The faux fur ears are all handmade, shaved and painted to perfection. And well by the time I could afford them, they are just really hard to obtain. All of the cutest ones sell out in seconds, literally. Which is great for the creators but left me looking for other options.

Found one company who start a patreon for there handmade creations, but sadly still haven't received my orders and honestly not sure if I will. So that left me in a bit of a pickle. I could keep trying to find ones available that I really like , which was a losing battle in obtaining them or I start making me own.

I figured I've always wanted an airbrush so that would be a long term investment. I had most of the materials like wire, fur, and foam. And turns out the pet hair trimmer is $20 on amazon! So screw it, I would give it a shot!

With a bunch of trial and error, after a few weeks of inspiration, cutting, gluing, shaving and painting I finally got the hang of it. Still not perfect, but bought some cute fur for upcoming ideas. In order to earn some of the expenses back from the expensive fuax fur, I would even sell some of the fun ears. Here is a look at some of the work I've done so far. (Still have to add jems, jewels and other small details)

My next two cosplay projects planned are #Andriod18 of DragonBall Z and #Esmeralda from Disney. Two characters I enjoy and have wanted to cosplay for a long time. Little by little have gotten most of what I need for both projects.

My goal is to have Android 18 finished by the 15th of this month (about 5 days from now lol) for my photoshoot with #MadnessPhotography! Last weekend I found the perfect Jean jacket and skirt set from old navy, since than have cut off the sleeves and shortened both piece. I've had the perfect wig for over a year now and the shirt plus other details will be easy to get finished in time.

Excited to finally make this cosplay happen in its classic form, but there is more...

An artist created a wonderful futuristic version of Android 18 also. One I am currently making and also trying to have finished by Saturday. I sure know how to make things a bit more difficult for myself, but I love the drawing #XHE made. So here is the second version I am also hoping to complete...

I mean, badass right ✅😎.

Well those are my craft updates. Should probably mention some of the content I have planned.

Most of this months Patreon Sets are completed luckily. Just released the Nude #Powergirl Album. Next to come is the #LadyDemitrescu cosplay and lingerie. And lastly will be a very spring flower lewd set!

Photograph by #SamuelImagery .

These are just some of my updates, as I get closer to the weekend or after my photoshoot I do look forward to staying up to date on how everything has gone and some newer ideas and goals.

If you read this for some reason, thank you 😊 for your interest and support 💙.

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