Cut/Sew Pattern Review!

I had the privilege of being chosen for the Cut/Sew Winter Rep program!

This means I received one of there adorable patterns to create and review. The pattern I got was there Kigurumi Style//010 . As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to make a Black Panther Inspired Version. I hadn’t seen anything like it done and thought it would end up looking very cute! So right after Katsucon I got to work.

Went to my local fabric store and purchase 5yards of there black fleece fabric and one of a shiny silver (for the details). I would also need thread, buttons and a few other materials listed in the instructions.

I got started by opening up the packaging, I do very much like that it comes in a reusable ziplock bag. Makes it much easier for storing and less chance of the pattern sliding out or getting lost. The directions do not come in the packaging which was unexpected but not a problem for me because they do give you the direct link to them printed on the pattern itself. The type of paper that the pattern is printed on is not the typical thin “pattern paper” it is a very large version of regular printer paper which I like because when I cut the pieces out I didn’t feel like my paper could just tear at any wrong move like I often do. All of the pieces were labeled in large lettering and easy to understand.

Once I was finished cutting out all of the pattern pieces I placed them directly over the fleece fabric and began cutting them out. Following the directions I cut out 2 of each piece I needed, the belly, sides, back, arms and hood. Since I was creating my own character design I didn’t cut out there accessorie pieces (ears , tail , etc.) After they were all cut I hemmed the center belly, added the snaps, started pinning all the piece in the order directed and began sewing it all together. I used a simple straight stitch to sew the entire suit. If you would like to see more of the sewing process link will be provided at the end.

Above is what my Kigurumi looked like after sewing all the pieces together and adding 2 inch elastic to the wrist and ankles. I love the way it turned out and there are is only two things I’d do different next time which is add about an inch or two to the bottom of the legs and make the hood bigger. I would add the couple of inches to the lower legs because I have large calf’s and it fit a bit more snug than I’d prefer, and for the hood it is because I have large hair and a bigger hood would fit better. Those are the only two things I would change and they are just preferences, over all I loved the fit and the pattern was great!

If you want a simple Kigurumi , you could just end there but I didn’t. For me the next steps were sketching and cutting out Black Panthers necklace, hip detailing and face outline. This did not take long and the face was easy to do with the guide lines the pattern provides for its own character faces. Once I cut those pieces out of my silver fabric I pinned them to the Kigurumi and sewed them with a straight stitch.

I made the ears by using the cat ear pattern given and just making them wider to look more like the ones on black panthers helmet. Using the hood pattern piece , I cut a slit where it was labeled that the ear would go, I made it just long enough to fit inside, sandwiched the ear between the two slits and sewed them in place.

I could have ended the Kigurumi there, with all of the silver details but I wanted to be extra 😊

As a last minute decision I used puffpaint to draw some of the details from the MCU Black Panthers suit to the center belly piece and on the hood. This was all done free handed and was just a something I thought would make it pop more.

In conclusion, the Cut/Sew Kigurumi Pattern is GREAT! Very easy to use so it is perfect for beginners or someone looking to make something different and comfortable. It is one size only but very roomy. I am a XL in just about everything and this still have plenty of room. Besides my hood preference and possible calf extension the only other thing I will be adding next time is pockets! Just need to decide if I want them on the sides or belly area 🤔 I guess it depends on the design.

If you are interested in getting this pattern or any of Cut/Sew other ones I have a CODE!

Put in CIN10 at checkout for my Discount 😊

Thank you for reading my review !

Kirugumi Making Speed Video -

- Cin’

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